Japan – In praise of shadows

We Orientals tend to seek our satisfactions in whatever surroundings we happen to find ourselves, to content ourselves with things as they are; and so darkness causes us no discontent, we resign ourselves to it as inevitable. If light is scarce, then light is scarce; we will immerse ourselves in the darkness and there discover its own particular beauty. But the progressive Westerner is determined always to better his lot. From candle to oil lamp, oil lamp to gaslight, gaslight to electric light—his quest for a brighter light never ceases, he spares no pains to eradicate even the minutest shadow.
In Praise of Shadows, Jun’ichirō Tanizaki

JAPAN was one of the countries in our bucket list. After visiting China, we knew we wanted to experience its opposite. Each one with its peculiarities, Japan is a true contrast. Many people I talked to wanted to go to Japan however the popular belief of “it is too expensive” was always a reason to reject the idea. I have to say Japan is not more expensive than Madrid and possibilities are there (sleeping in a hostel costs 60€ or in a Ryokan 600€)

Order. Silence. Patience. Manners. Respect. Light. Shadow. Darkness. Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty.

We were lucky to spend 3 weeks travelling by train from Tokyo to Kyoto, with a 4 day stop in Okinawa.  dscf1449dscf1532dscf1686dscf1677

Ginza, Tokyo


Sunset in Okinawa 🙂
A beach in northern Okinawa
Rent bikes at some of the many bike shops in Kyoto and spend the day cycling from temple to temple!
During the hot and humid days of summer, families and friends gather at the Kamo river and spend time catching small fishes or drinking sake at the riverside bars.
Streets of Kyoto
Streets of Kyoto
A short train ride takes you to the Fushimi Inari-taisha, a temple formed by 32000 sub shrines.
The bamboo grove of Arashiyama (btw capturing a photo of the sky is the only way to avoid people in your picture, it is full of tourists!) 
A small bar in Arashiyama, in the outskirts of Kyoto.




Have you been in Japan?? Tell us what you thought!

Adri & Chris



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